Denes Lenard
you never learn anything by doing it right.
His education was a mix of Romanian, German and Hungarian values. This is why he believes in the advantages of tackling problems from several different viewpoints. His formal education is just as diverse: he has degrees in psychology, public relations and law.
Book: The Mind's I:Fantasies and Reflections on Self & Soul.
Movie: Buddha collapsed out of shame.
Music: Shpongle.
Director & Client Service
  • patience
  • reasoning
  • flexibility
Mihai Varga
when in doubt, kiss a pretty girl.
Visionary and always in love, he plays the guitar and dreams about journeys in exotic worlds. He insists he doesn’t like school, but he has completed two bachelors, one master, and is currently working on his PhD thesis. Things ending up being beautiful and useful matters a great deal to him.
Book: Duck head by Gheorghe Ciprian.
Movie: Shrek, MASH, Family Guy, TIFF Movies.
Music: Indie, Rock, Post-Punk Revival, Art Rock, Love Metal.
Creative Director
  • creativity
  • reasoning
  • flexibility
line of dark fantastic passion.
She is the spirit of innovation and creativity in our team. Her studies in human emotion influence her work a lot. More precise, she takes care of the “humanization” of our projects. Her humanistic ideas and principles make our design friendly. You would certainly like to meet Mara.
Book: The Trial by Franz Kafka.
Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Music: Indie - Rock with the spirit of independence
Creative Assistent
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • flexibility
on the other hand... you have different fingers.
With an artists mind and a surgeons hand, he is the one who transforms our designs into HTML. Marian has a truly patient nature and is there when things get tough, to ensure your website does what you want. He loves to tweak the code until it’s just right for Google to rank it generously.
Book: The Trial by Franz Kafka.
Movie: Scarface
Music: Yann Tiersen
  • analytical
  • flexibility
  • innovation
this ain't nothing but a thing
As an architect Manu sure knows his way with vectors and building stuff. However, his true passion is graphic design and for years now he has been working in the field of advertising. He can draw anything for you, and chances are he has already drawn it in his Moleskine some time ago.
Book: How I Became Stupid - Martin Page
Movie:Seven Samurai
Music: Hard rock, post-grunge, alternative metal, nu metal
Graphic designer
  • analytical
  • flexibility
  • innovation

junior team


Sebastian has three years of freelancing experience and deals mainly with front end development. He loves Javascript and jQuery and always comes up with new ideas about how to use them. His dream is to create his own online business.


Albert is a patient man which makes him the victim of our website testing. He is the kind of guy who likes to see “ what happens if…” and that makes him a good innovator. He likes to build things in his spare time, sometimes very weird things.


Her abstract mind helps her see what really makes the difference in online marketing. This is why she is a good strategy researcher and comes up with an idea to improve our efficiency every month. Otherwise she has a dry sense of humor and likes tee.